Our tours are mostly the expert-led bicycle experiences and we always try our best to make the best of the best fine-tuning our services and programs till the end. Your satisfaction is our concern, therefore, to keep our services at high standard and top quality always is our effort. From the beginning to the end, we plan in every detail such as careful preparations, complete attention to the needs of our clients, so that you can enjoy a safe, unforgettable travel experience full of fun!

How we plan the tour?

The programs we have designed are coming from carefully and thoroughly researching experience by our team. Our tours are reviewed continuously by our bicycle experts so that our valued clients can enjoy the optimum bicycle travel experience during the cycling tour in Myanmar. On the internet these days, most of the tours are organized by the foreign tour operators through the exploiting the locals' honesty and friendliness, therefore, traveling in Myanmar with us, you can not only give opportunity to the locals but also enjoy the authentic experience.

Being Locals, we know the way!

One of the good chances for our bicycle tour experts who are all local Myanmar people is that we can offer the best tour route in the region. You don't need to fly to a place nor discuss with the local expert to get a best route, for instance, you like to go a town, there is a highway, but you need to get a off-road track, we just take our bikes from home riding to that town through the forest, or passing the rice fields. Thus, we find the off-the-beaten-track to reach that town way better than foreign tour operators.

How do we adjust cost and value your money?

Of course, a cyclist, you need to pay more on the tour as there are other expenses involved. To make it moderate, we try to adjust the cost by adding a comfortable stay here and there during the tour. We make the tour not so expensive nor so inclusive this way. As Myanmar is a Buddhist country, we practice the Mizzima Padiada, that is, no expensive nor cheap, that is moderate way.
Being a local tour operator, we don't need to cut corners to reduce the cost, as there are no brokers nor agent between you and our agency. This makes the tours less costly. We are committed to offering the best services and therefore, our price may be cheap compare to other tour operations run by the foreign personnel, however, our services never become lower in terms of support vehicle, food, snacks, tour guide and so on.
Riding on the clean bike every day and enjoying the most fun during your tour is our concern, and therefore, our staff from driver to guide, are well trained in every details from changing a flat tire to cleaning the bikes before the start of the day! We value your money!

Our tour services included

Generally, our tours are from day tours in each tour destination to multi-day tours such as a week or a fortnight tours and our services as follows are mostly included;

  • Factsheet with program and checklist on which complete information on where to start, what to bring, where to join and so on are described
  • for a week-long tour and longer tours, we provide you a cyclinginmyanmar.com jersey, a water bottle
  • Cycling guide + assistant (staff members may vary depending on the size of group)
  • water, refreshing towels, biscuits, seasonal fruits, soft drinks
  • Lunches are included at local restaurants
  • A fully airconditioned van
  • support vehicle for bikes if the group is 3 and above
  • a very good mountain bike & helmet

Our Accommodation

Normally, our arrangements on accommodation are with the basice 2* hotels or 3* hotels where you will have a cold and hot shower, air-conditioning, nice and clean room and location is at the best place of the town. If your tour ends up at the beach, of course, you will have a nicer category of the room there so that you can enjoy a wide variety of local culture.
Some tours include a couple of trekking days and we arrange an overnight stay at a local family home or at a monastery of the village on the trekking route. This sort of accommodation is rather basic and you will find it completely different from the usual stays, however, it is really giving you "a closer look at Myanmar!"


Solo travelers are always welcome and those who would like their own room have the option of paying a single supplement. Otherwise we will arrange for a shared room with another solo traveler (of the same sex) at no extra cost. If there is no roommate available, SpiceRoads will cover the additional cost of a single room.


Children are welcome on our short tours in Thailand. However, on our longer tours the minimum age is 18 years. This is for a number of reasons and more to do with group dynamics than the difficulty of the journey. Please check the 'At a Glance' section on the tour page, to see whether children can join a given tour.

The Rice Bowl

Food is a very serious concern while cycling and at SpiceRoads we approach our choice of restaurants and menus with due reverence. There is always enough food to satisfy the heartiest appetite and we provide lots of fruits and vegetables if possible (Mongolia is a challenge!). Drinking water, fruit and snacks are always available in our escort vehicle. Other drinks are not included when not riding, but are widely available at local restaurants and shops along the way.

Most meals are included and we strive to feature local cuisines and do our best to deliver the real thing. An ample spread at lunch and at the end of the day is an important ingredient in a great cycle tour. Breakfasts are usually Western, with such fare as eggs, ham and toast, though local alternatives are nearly always available if you prefer.

We eat lunch and dinner together family style, which means sharing a number of delicious dishes, making sure it is an authentic feast worthy of hardworking and hungry cyclists. Beer and other alcoholic beverages are available but are not included in the tour price.

Group Dynamics

Statistically speaking, an average SpiceRoads tour consists of 10 clients, two local guides a driver and an assistant. The group of 10 will be comprised of four different nationalities (two of which will be the UK and US), speak at least two languages, contain slightly more males than females and have an average age of 42.

Of the 10, two will return the following year to take another SpiceRoads tour, five will join another SpiceRoads tour within three years and nine will at least contact us to show an interest in joining another tour. We sometimes wonder what happens to the other one!

All 10 will contact each other at least once after the tour. Around half will remain in contact, many will become good friends, and on more than one occasion we have been invited to a wedding!

Our exceptionally good rate of return clients tells us we must be doing something right. It also tells us something about the people who join our tours. SpiceRoads cyclists are fun and part of the attraction of our tours is meeting like-minded people with a passion for traveling by bicycle.

A Numbers Game

Although an average tour departs with 10 people, on the occasional scheduled tour we don't always receive the minimum number of bookings (which is two for the majority of our tours). In cases where we don't have the minimum bookings, we will offer you the opportunity to travel for a small surcharge, so you can rest assured the tour will depart as scheduled no matter what. This gives you the security to purchase flights, book time off work and make all the necessary plans you need in full confidence that your cycle holiday will go on as planned. If the minimum number is reached before the tour sets off, the surcharge will be refunded in full.

The Bottom Line

Our tours cost an average of just over USD100-150 a day. For some people that's cheap, while for others it is expensive. But one thing written many times over in our guest book is "amazing value". This is something we are very proud of and have worked hard to achieve. SpiceRoads offers exceptional personal service and high quality accommodation at prices well below our competitors and a higher standard of service and accommodation than any other tour companies in our price range. We are confident that we offer the best value for a high quality cycling adventure.

Myanmar Bicycle Tour

Win Bo Bo, the owner of Ayuda Myanmar Travel, arranged a superb 17-day bicycle trip through central Myanmar, including Mandalay, Bagan, Kalaw, and Inle Lake. The route, facilities, guiding and transportation could not have been better in this developing country. The people are friendly, the cultural sights amazing, and the experience absolutely wonderful. We have recommended Ayuda Myanmar Travel to our friends and encourage anyone traveling to Myanmar to go with this company.

Visited April 2015
Carol & Pete

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